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Who am I

I am a mathematics graduate who is currently working in the top management of a school. I got my degree in the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. Though, I am interested in Photography, Innovation and Motivational Speeches. I have experienced over 10 years in the field of Education as a teacher as well as a member in the management for over 4 years now. My experiences turned me to rise up as well as the lessons which I learned to be where I am today. I am ready to help anyone who seeks help in especially the field of mathematics, statistics.

Midpoint Theorem

Midpoint theorem is related to geometry. If you being crazy studying theorems and proofs, don’t worry. It’s the time to make it happen by learning it comprehensively an easily. When we consider a triangle, there are 3 sides and 3 interior angles. So, this theorem is related with the straight line made by joining ofContinue reading “Midpoint Theorem”

Direct Proprotion

When we have a certain relationship between two quantities, it can fall into one of the followng. Direct Proportion Inverse Proportion No proportion Here, I am going to describe you regarding the Direct Proportion between two quantities. Simply, when one quantity increases (or decreases) if other quantity also increases (or decreases), it is said thatContinue reading “Direct Proprotion”

Interest Calculation on Reducing Balance Method

When we buy goods or materials from a shop / super market or a store, there are few options depending on the nature, size of the product

  1. Buying day to day foods like rice, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Buying furniture, electric equipment, vehicle.

So, we cannot buy a vehicle just like buying a milk packet. Because, the price is too high. So, when we want to buy a product with a higher value, we have two main options to follow.

  1. Pay outstanding completer amount of the good and take it home.
  2. Make and advance payment with a bond with the shop owner and take it home with the promise of paying the remaining amount in installments.

Here, you get the right to use your product if you buy in advance.

But, if you buy in the second method, we are bonded to pay the rest in installments. Here, I am going to discuss regarding the reducing balance method which is used to calculate the interest in that second method.

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Indices and Logarithms – Basics
Indices and Logarithms – Basics

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